We Use Best Virtual Tour Software for Real Estate

We use best virtual tour software for real estate

The real estate business is booming. The overall industry was slow to catch up with advancements in technologies, but that has finally happened. One of the smartest fusion of real estate with technology is virtual tours. Virtual tours are an ideal way to see the house without stepping inside.

They give the home buyers a sense of ownership. Additionally, it also allows the home buyers to go through space at their own pace and see each nook and corner of the house before deciding to buy it. A virtual tour also offers more real-time imagery than photos and videos. Thus, decreasing the chances of being deceived by the photos.

Matter port’s Virtual Tour Software

More and more real estate agents are opting for virtual tours as they help get the deals finalized. Matterport offers one of the best virtual tour software. There are certain features of the software that has helped it in standing apart from its contemporaries.

Realistic 3D Tours

3D tours offer a much more realistic view than 2D tours.

The Matter-port’s virtual tour software offers 3D tours. They are more realistic and enable the viewers to experience that they are really at the place. It works as a major benefit for the agents as they can gain a competitive advantage in the market. 74% of agents report winning more listings while using Matter-port’s 3D virtual software.

Create your Own Walk Through

Agents can create virtual tours for real estate with an iPhone Camera or Matter port’s Pro 2 camera and cloud hosting package. They can easy learn to capture a space in 3D, and it requires no professional photography experience.

Convenient 3D Modelling

You can start creating your model using any compatible camera and an iPhone camera to scan the space. The artificial intelligence program cortex will turn your scan imagery into an interactive 3D model. It easily organizes scans within rooms and can stitch the objects together. Lastly, it will restructure the whole space into a virtual one.

The software also can blur people’s faces and identifies the most appealing photos and videos. It converts 360 panoramic images into 3D ones and is capable of extremely accurate measurements.

Automatic Adjustments

This virtual software offers automatic adjustment in many areas – stitching, color adjustments, and white balancing. It brings ease to the agents and helps them quickly design and finish the virtual tour for space in a short period.

Not Limited to Luxury Listings

One of the simplest features of Matter port’s 3D Virtual software is that it’s not limited to luxury listings. It gives agents with non-luxury listings an civil right to urge more deals done. The 3D walk-through has helped agents win business across markets and has allowed them to leverage their position as technology leaders in land .

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