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Virtual Tour for Real Estate and other Businesses

Virtual Tour for Real Estate and other Businesses

We are at the start of 2021 and now going through the second influx of (Covid 19). The circumstances are terrible, and organizations have altogether moved towards an advanced medium. Real estate has gotten a huge lift from the digitization and incorporation of IT.

You would now be able to stroll through a house without visiting it and still feel every single little hiding spot. This has become a chance through augmented experience. You can collaborate with the advanced space utilizing uncommon headsets that hotshot a 3D picture of the spot you’re keen on.

Because of its fame, we gave a manual for the set you up for your visit.

A step-by-step guide for a virtual tour with useful tips

Step 1: Plan Your Set-Up


A virtual tour is not any different from a pre-planned photo shoot. We will prepare a list of unforeseen situations and their solutions on the day of the shoot. We will have a list of rooms and areas inside the house that you plan to cover.

Likewise, we choose a time of the day that has the best visibility and shows off the space. Add any outdoor features that you think need to be mentioned, including any community amenities.

As we take the photos, we think of the person walking through the home and the natural path they would take throughout the place. Imitate that in the tour. It will sure to add character into shots with the detailing in the house and will look for vantage points that show off the place.

Step 2: Make Sure All Updates Are Done

Are repairs, landscaping, and painting done? These are questions you should have answered at least a day before your shoot so that there isn’t any misinformation when we shoot, nor should you sell the place short just because these updates weren’t done.

Make the space look livable enough that the clients want to buy it on the spot. Do a quick check of the house to see if there are any unnecessary hinges, cables, or supplies lying around that need to be taken care of. Open all the doors of the interior so the property looks more spacious and there is improved visibility.

Now that your home is ready, we will set up the camera. Will use a tripod and make sure it has a rotating head. Will Follow our experience of going into a home, look for inspiration tours to help you. All in all, making a virtual tour is our specialty.

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